Ricochet by Rapide x My Chatelaine


Shiraz by Sinatra Song x Razmataz

I purchased Shiraz from Lisa in 2016. He is my dream horse... a fun temperament along with a beautiful floating trot. Lisa was great to work with and came out to every show to watch him go after we bought him. I can't thank her enough for finding me my perfect partner to dance with!"
- Loni Renzetti, Dressage Rider


Waliant By Widmark x Masquerade

Waliant 2004 Hanoverian gelding purchased by Lisa as a weanling from the breeder pre-inspection. He was judged CHAMPION foal by Dr. Christmann in a large class (over 20 foals). While he showed great talent for dressage turns out he prefers jumping and is in a great forever home!


Razmataz by Rapide x My Chatelaine

"Razmataz is so beloved among our local dressage community of 30 or so amateur riders for being so easy, cooperative, her work ethic as well as her sweetness. Also confidence. One clinic we were riding in an indoor with a canvas top that was flapping and making horrible noises. All the horses were freaking out. Not Raz--we rode as usual and I could feel her normal calm confidence the entire time. What a love. Thank you for breeding this wonderful girl!!!"
- Elizabeth Pope, Dressage Rider


Zrelana by Oklund out of Krelana (Purioso)
from Burgers Stables in Holland.

Lana was sold and has become a very successful broodmare in California. Lisa sold her bred to Soprano, and the resutling filly Solana has been featured in Chronicle of the Horse blog and is currently for sale