TRAINING a success story

Each horse is different, and our training is customized to your horse's individuality. For one horse the challenge may be putting on a saddle, while another one is ready to learn how to piaffe. We offer everything from training a green horse to walk on a lead, to advancing well ridden horses to the next level in competition.


How does it work?

Dressage is a dance between rider and horse. Understanding how your horse learns is a key to advancement. Once we determine your horse's learning style, we can train in a consistent, common-sense manner.

Your horse's body has five specific points that you need to control in order to perform in dressage. The five points are: nose, right shoulder, left shoulder, right hip, and left hip. All five points can move in six directions: forward, backward, right, left, up, and down.

Step-by-step we'll work forward from where you and your horse have a solid connection.

Our commitment to you . . .

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